Free Download Monster Dash 2.0.1 APK for Android

Free Download Monster Dash 2.0.1 APK for Android

Monster Dash APK  IS The best monster game for Android , you can get it for free by downloading via PC computer or smartphone, This file is apk. Moster Dash is Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like mad! This is lightning-fast action you won’t soon forget as our hero chases down hordes of monsters across six incredible worlds, portal-hopping and guns blazing!

Weapons like The Pacifier, Rocket Launcher and Mr. Zappy can dispatch your foes in short order. Vehicles include the HOG and Machine Gun Jetpack for maximum velocity, and the new Daily Event mode throws completely fresh challenges into the mix every day!

With online leaderboards, majestic medals and a new leveling system, this is the definitive version of Monster Dash and one of the greatest runner games ever made.
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