Download uCraft A Minecraft Simulator For Android APK

uCraft A Minecraft Simulator Free Download For Android

Free Download uCraft A Minecraft Simulator APK/ get file here
uCraft A Minecraft Simulator l Version: 2.6.1 | Size: 14.32MB
Developers: Method Mobile Studios | Language: English

uCraft Free Beta Is one of creative game Minecraft base, this game like Minecraft  on your PC or Android generaly. This game Made by Minecraft fans, for Minecraft fans.
uCraft is a Interactive Spawner / fan boy app for Minecraft. It was designed to bring a functional Minecraft environment to the 2D world. With a couple tweaks from us of course.We were debating releasing this a little later but in the end we voted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. Now you can watch the app grow as we add features and new functionalities.
Note ,You cant walk around in this game. It is a interactive spawner app. Interactive meaning blocks interact with each other.
Also this app is totally beta, meaning its not done and features will be added on a regular basis.
If you guys find a bug or want to see a feature added.


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