How to Make a Website SEO Ranking 1 Google Site

How to Make a Website SEO Ranking 1 Google Site
You need to know there is a Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which makes the site or your page, the more relevant in value so that it can provide value + on your site, and result in the site high rankings in Google.

It is also that I will discuss in this post, if you follow these guidelines properly, I'm sure your site can rank of at least 10, but with the condition that I do not give a guarantee, if the site you are not successful optimization ranking.

However, this is a SEO technique that I often use to make my articles or postings high rankings in Google.

So what are the things that make the site or page ranking high in Google ..

Easy to Make a Website SEO Ranking 1 Google Site

Keyword Research: Finding keywords that most people typed in the search engines, and targeting these keywords for optimization in order to rank high.
On Site SEO: Techniques to optimize the site to make it look more relevant in terms of articles and content, and to facilitate Google make your site rank with your targeted keywords.
Off Site SEO: optimizing technique of external sites using backlinks, this may encourage the position of your site in search engines.
Like Post Social Media: Many who liked your article in Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and it is also an effect on the site or page you are optimization.

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